Top seo trends 2018

SEO Trends

2018 summer season for SEO, game changing SEO trends in 2018

SEO is a complex science with over 200 factors in Google’s algorithm, . But it’s not the knowledge about it that makes it really challenging — it’s the dynamic nature of the rules of the game.

As search engines try to increase the quality of search results, some ranking criterias shift shapes, others fall into oblivion, and sometimes completely new ones orgin out of nowhere. This article help you stay ahead of the game in 2018, here’s a list of the most prominent trends that are gaining importance, with tips on how you can prepare for each.

Evolution of SERP Features

It is noted that SERP Features taking over the searcher’s attention and clicks from organic listing. It is advisable to track your ranking with SERP features using SEO PowerSuite’s Rank Tracker by just creating a project with your site. The tool will analyse 15 Google SERP features, also its organic results. The Google SERP Features column will give you all features triggered by your keywords, with those you rank with green highlights. In addition, you can measure the volatility of SERP features on a daily basis under the SERP Analysis tab.

          Structured Data

It is known that increase in clicks can boost the rankings. Structured data enables you to improve your search listings in different ways: Knowledge Graph panels and rich snippets. Rich Snippets can increase your listings’ CTR (click-through rate) by 30 percent.

There are various structured data formats, but most SEOs follow Their instructions to Schema for SEO is a good start. Once you’ve implemented the markup, analyse whether rich snippets show up for your site with the Rank Tracker tool as discribed above.

Fast Loading

Loading a major UX factor as well as ranking signal. Google expects pages to load within in three seconds.Google’s page speed test is integrated into WebSite Auditor. You can launch WebSite Auditor and start a project. Move to Content Analysis and specify the page to test. In a moment, you’ll see a selection of on-page factors calculated for you. Take Technical factors and scroll to Page speed.


It becomes harder to conveince google about quality of your content. There are different ways by which Google assesses quality of content, one of them being Latent Semantic Indexing.Google studies which terms are related and generate expectations as to the terms that are likely to appear in a given context by looking at many pages and terms used in them, which helps google to decide whether a piece of content is relevent.

Voice Search

Reports shows that 55% of youngsters and 40% of adults use voice search daily, which open for a new keyword search routine.

Rank tracker helps in finding questions likely to ask by voice searchers.

Mobile search

Most of the google search generates through mobile devices. Mobile friendliness is a ranking factor.Mobile test for google is available in Website Auditor, under Content Analysis.

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