8 Web Designing Trends You Can Expect in 2018

Web Design Trends

2017 was a big year for web designers with drastic changes. 2018 awaits the designers with different trends.
It’s about checking where the industry is right now. So whether you follow it or not, it’s useful to know what they are…

01. Web animation

Animation can convey complex ideas in a short amount of time,in a world where everyone is in a hurry and time is less.As per many expert digital designers animation can provide a strong personality to the brand

In 2018, we can expect more animated logos which enhance their brand further.However getting right is the major reposibilty.

02. More Adventurous Colours.

It has been seen from past years that designers start using bold colours across the digital platforms. It seem to follow this trend in 2018 also.

03. New typography

As per expert content startegists, it is noted that 2018 will victim the return of serifs to the screen as well as increse in numbers of sites pairing serif and sans serif fonts to create a dynamic user experience.

Another type-related trend identified is typography cutouts. in this technique uses a block of colour over a still or moving image that appears through clear lettering.

04. Design tools

In 2017, a new app, tool or feature from InVision, Adobe XD, Figma, Axure, Marvel, Vectr where releasing on a daily basis, which includes Sketch, whose open file format update, Sketch 43, has been a true game changer. It was like , if youu are still using photoshop for UI design, you probably need to take a look around you.

05. Playful illustration

Illustrations has been fabulous way to inject personality to the website. No one like a boring website. The marketplace is saturated and competitive, and internet style has to strike a balance between temperament and functionality; illustrations are perfect ways to showcase your business.

06. Asymmetric layouts

2010’s responsive design movement has revolutionized web design and enabled designers to build sites that adapt to various devices. Old box concepts had seemed to vanish. Now designers come with new designing ideas which is out of box.

07. Mobile friendly website.

Eventhough responsive websites had started to gain importance, most of the website will not fully functional as in desktop. In 2018 designers can still develop clever ways in which to rearrange data fantastically resulting in sensible UI experiences, with focuses on gestures & micro-interactions over icons and buttons.

08. Kinetic Emails.

Using CSS3 and HTML to create interactivity within an email. This trend starts from the fact that users are so comfortable with the UI language of mobile apps and websites, they’re happy to see it in other places, including email.

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